Bonsen Vietnam

Collective researching, manufacturing, consuming.
Supplier of smart office and household appliances.

Who is Bonsen?

Bonsen Electronics Ltd. Vietnam Company is in Dai An Industrial Park, which is one in four big industrial parks in Hai Duong
province in the North of Vietnam. On the side of National Road 5, the company is 50km far from Hanoi capital, 51km from Haiphong port,
convenient transportation. It is as a designer, development researcher, injection molding, assembly production.

It’s also as the supplier of smart office and household appliances including: researching, producing and consuming production.
Bonsen Vietnam currently has 300 employees, 6 production lines, 25 injection molding machines, mold research and development,
and repairing capacity.In the immediate future, Vietnam factory will produce about 40 million US dollars a year.
In 2020, the factory aims to reach about 60 million US dollars; in 2021, the expand production plan estimates to reach 1 billion USD in a year,
currently the company is planning to build the workshop.

  • 6+

    production lines

  • 25+

    injection molding machines

  • 300+


  • 4000+

    million US dollars (1 year)

Bonsen Vietnam bases on Bonsen Group, created at Dong Guan - a research and development team that employs more than 100 people,
and leads the top world in engineering, technology and equipment, such as OTRS intelligent system, CNC mold handling technology,
BPS flexible production lines, highly integrated product engineering and metallurgical products, motors, electronics and coordinate component suppliers.
Production management is instructed to use the T100 system to manage, the entire production system has executed intelligence, high performance, safety,
high environmental protection requirements, cost control, production activities management, quality management aspect have achieved the leading industrial position.

The Bonsen Group perseveres in new innovation, establishes long-term cooperation with universities,
and has an international design team and more than 100 research engineers who develop rich and rich experience.
So far, more than 230 patents have been granted. At the same time, Bonsen Group possesses a large number of testing equipment and laboratories,
ensures the reliable and strong product. So to improve the management capacity and quality control system,
Bonsen becomes the largest paper shredder in the world, manufactures an automatic stapler workshop.

Bonsen Vietnam relies on the excellent genetic engineering and innovation system of Bonsen Group's,
which has been tested in the anti-terrorism workshop by customers,
socially responsible workshop, ISO 9001, BSCI certificate, serving Walmart, Staples, Office Depot, SIGMA, PEACH,...worldwide customers,
European and American customers , become the unique brand of choice for smart products in the office and home.
In the future, we will always strive to create value for the office and for life,
persist in adhering to the value of customers' viewpoint, all efforts to provide the safe for global customers,
convenient office and family facilities, convenience is always at the forefront.

Production capacity, quality assurance

Product service

Bonsen may be because of you provide more types of smart office and household appliances.
At office of the company: supporting many kinds of smart office equipment and household appliances, having an independent research and development center and hold main point techniques, serving the personal office with smart items: We are because home and office group that provide convenient,
high productiveness products and kitchen appliances. In the field of kitchen equipment: we can provide corresponding products and serve.

Bonsen Vietnam

Lot XN 11 – Dai An industrial park – Tu Minh ward – Hai Duong city – Hai Duong province.
The human duty is to work actively.
From here begins.


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Lot XN 11 – Dai An industrial park – Tu Minh ward – Hai Duong city – Hai Duong province.

Tel: 00842203559898.