Bonsen Vietnam

The so-called culture
That's the sum of what we do.

Company’s culture

Accept change, face challenge, don’t be afraid of difficulty, maintain good moral limitation.

  • ONE
    Customers are number one

    All customer-centric, creating great new experiences.

  • TWO
    Justice is mutual benefit

    Respect for cultural disagreement, all employees co-take responsibility, share together.

    True culture

    Follow the source of problem, respect the objective law.

  • FOUR

    Make a little progress every day, empower potential people, become striving people.

  • FIVE

    Learning continuously, constantly improving, moving forward era, taking initiative in taking on future challenges.

  • SIX
    New creation

    Positively face the inaccuracy of new creations, seeking breakthroughs and excellence.

  • Team culture

    Each individual is a spokesman for the business, motivating actively, daring to think, daring to do, to be compassionate and tolerant.