Customers are the foremost, courageous creating the new things,constantly learning, fair and mutually beneficial.

Bonsen Vietnam

Customers are the foremost, courageous creating the new things,
constantly learning, fair and mutually beneficial.

Bonsen Group was established in 2005, focusing on 5 large business divisions,
the company does not have many branches and subsidiaries in oversea.The company has arranged functional services
around the globe, had offices in: New York, Atlanta, Wiesbaden ... and aims to continue to establish elsewhere.

Bonsen Vietnam is a subsidiary of the Bonsen Group, which owns smart office equipment and household appliances to own,
as global customers provide a comprehensive solution. More helping to solve service problems for customers after sales consuming,
enhance competitiveness constantly. There are a line-up with more than 100 research and development staffs,
all established up the great support of technology and product development capacity in two places China - Vietnam.
The company has gathered Italy, Japan, France..., design engineers and adviser teams,
supporting Bonsen in developing a new creative path and realizing the vision of the business (becoming a respected and globalized business).

Focus customers concentrate the 500 top global businesses and new fast-growing businesses.
Bonsen Vietnam especially offers wholly design serving and producting services for smart office and family products.
Production uses the intelligence management tools which base on the informations from Chinese and Japanese,
in order to provide solutions project from development research to production with flexibility and high performance. With the company's
core values (customers are top, innovation, continuous learning, fairness and mutual benefits) will continue to bring more value to customers.)

Bonsen Vietnam continues to expand to implement high-quality growth, currently the one-year capicity of Vietnam's production
workshop is about 40,000,000 USD; in 2020, it will reach 60,000,000 USD; in 2021, it expected to expand production to reach 100,000,000 USD/ year,
currently planning to build a new workshop. The company sets a strategic goal (to become a global business in providing smart home and office products),
creates a new global life experience with the smart room and family products innovatively.